A career at Paradigm Initiative gives you the opportunity to join our dedicated team of professionals who are all passionate about digital inclusion and digital rights. A variety of educational disciplines as well as cultural and career experiences are represented within our team, and all of these rich proficiencies are harnessed towards  making significant impact through our programs. Our team members find that working with Paradigm Initiative provides the challenge and career development they seek and also provides the needed support for growth.

We are currently searching for a Communications Officer to lead research, writing, editing and publishing of information about Paradigm Initiative. The information will be used for internal publications for the team, partners, and volunteers, or for publications that are distributed to the general public. She (or he) will also build/strengthen, coordinate and deliver resources and processes in support of the media and communication strategy for Paradigm Initiative. If this has your name written all over it, head to the Communications Officer opening page and apply ahead of the 11:59pm WAT April 3 deadline.