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2017 Africa Google Policy Fellows Application

Welcome to the 2017 Africa Google Policy Fellowship Application! There are 7 sections:(1) Personal Information
(2) Current Education
(3) Education History
(4) References
(5) Resume
(6) Personal Statement: Provide us with an essay outlining your qualifications for and interest in the program, including relevant academic, professional and extracurricular experiences. As part of this essay, explain what you hope to gain from participation in the program. (750 word maximum)
(7) Submission

Once in the application, you can move back and forward on the pages, however the application will not be submitted or saved until you click “Submit” on the final confirmation page. We recommend preparing all of the required materials, and then submitting all at once.

Reference contact information is the only information required to submit an application. The individuals listed as your references do not need to submit letters or other materials on your behalf. Our partner host organizations may choose to contact your references at any point in the application process, though not all references listed will be contacted.

In order to participate in the program, you must be a student. Google defines a student as an individual enrolled in or accepted into an accredited institution including (but not necessarily limited to) colleges, universities, masters programs, PhD programs and undergraduate programs. Eligibility is based on enrollment in an accredited university through 2017. You also must be eligible and authorized to work in the country of your fellowship. Google cannot provide guidance or assistance on obtaining the necessary documentation to meet this criteria.

Please visit the frequently asked questions page on the fellowship site, and contact the Google Policy Fellowship team at googlepf@paradigmhq.org with any additional questions.

Start your application now.

All the best!

The African Google Policy Fellowship Team

2017 Africa Google Policy Fellows Application